This was our winter

The winter arrived this year very strong and quite early. On the 08th of December, our ski area Emmetten opened already. The valley descent was immediately possible and we could ski directly down to the lake - fantastic. Therefore, we had top conditions with few people until Christmas. The weather was characterized by a strong east wind (Bise) and thus fog up to 1500 MüM. Above the fog, it was freezing cold and steel blue sky.

Winter has started

Wintertime in Emmetten

Between Christmas and New Year was a warm period, which was of course a pity for the Christmas vacationers. In the morning you could carve fairly well, but from noon on-wards water skiing was the order of the day.
And soon we wrote the year 2022, still marked by Covid. We were extremely happy that we could go skiing in Switzerland without any problems, as there was a very strict Covid regulation around Switzerland (2G or even 2G+).

Freeride Esthi

Esthi ready to take off

In January there was not much powder either and so we enjoyed the carving days in the sun. As usual, in February the weather changed - the high-pressure systems moved away, one low after the other arrived from the northwest over Switzerland. Often with lots of wind and the temperature went up and down. Quite lucky that our skiarea offers differnt kind of terrain, so during this windy periode we enjoyed the powder in the woods.


Esthi in the woods

Then on March 12th, it was my sister's birthday. Moreover, just 2 years ago the Federal Council imposed the "extraordinary situation". This year it was different, Esthi was tested positive against Covid a few days before the 12th and I pretty much right on the 12th. Luckily, we both were infected with the Omicron variant, which was like a normal flu.

those days

those days

For us winter 2021/22 is more or less history because by the end of the month we have a trip to Tenerife planned. We were practically not climbing since November...and windsurfing mhhh what is that again? Anyway, we will enjoy some days off and hope to get some sun-beams.

And in the next blog I'll write about our new family member, we have bought a used full grown motorhome, so stay tuned

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