Paragliding Niederbauen

How time flies! In January 2020 we got a great gift from Nadine and Simon, a full day of tandem paragliding just where we want to go! Wow, what a present especially since I've been talking about paragliding for a long time and Esthi was not averse to try this at some point.

paragliding engelberg valley

Esthi and Nicolas before landing in Grafenort

Unfortunately, due to Corona we could not redeem the gift for a long time and to be honest it has never worked out because either the weather was not good enough, or Nicolas the tandem pilot was not available or this or that...

But finally it has worked out. Our flight day was set for the 30th of July. And so we met each other in Grafenort in the Engelberg valley and had a kind of briefing. The idea was to fly once with me as tandem and Simon accompanied us with his own glider and afterwards Esthi with Nicolas and then Nadine in accompaniment. The first flight was from Brunni to Grafenort. The wheather was contrary to forecasts slightly overcast and so we had almost no thermals.
This has already been a great experience and we were looking forward for the second flight, especially since we were talking about a possible flight from the Titlis.

paragliding niederbauen

Fun time in the air

Unfortunately there was still a lot of residual humidity in the air and so we flew again from Brunni to Engelberg. Esthi had the pleasure to fly with Nicolas one more time to Grafenort where we picked up those two.

In the meantime it was already early in the afternoon and we considered our options. The fact that we are living in Emmetten led us to choose a flight from the Niederbauen to Emmetten and after that a cozy apero on our terrace.

a short video about our flights

In the meanwhile the weather was getting better and better. The light northwest wind promised a great last flight. No matter what, we took off easily and then immediately turned towards Kulm in order to catch a possible thermal tube. And we got it and could gain so much altitude that we turned again towards the launch site, but this time from above .

At the launch site were a group of Indians who found it extremely cool that we were now racing towards them from above. Nicolas made a right turn and I felt the G-forces and acceleration - ohh yeaaa. We repeated the procedure twice more before we flew towards Kohltal to catch a second thermal hose. Unfortunately, this was not so noticeable and so we headed for the landing field towards Emmetten. Before we landed we flew a few spiral turns with some caprioles to round off the day.

paragliding Mythen

Esthi and Nicolas cruising towards Emmetten with the Mythen in the background

While I was walking home to prepare the apero, Nicolas went by cable car to the launch site and flew a very similar program with Esthi.

Again, many thanks to the whole group, it was a great day. I'm pretty sure we will see each other quite soon in the air .

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