The Beach

A tribute to Rene and also a little bit to the Göscheneralp - but somehow the two belong together. You don't have to say much more about Rene, in a nutshell a climbing legend from Central Switzerland with a unique laugh, full stop.
But now to the film which is a masterpiece, absolutely brilliant soundtrack and super slow-motion and drones recordings. The cool catchphrases of Rene like - "hit me like the hammer" as well as the self-recordings where they let the stones roll put the icing on the cake, he he he. In any case a lot of work, but the result is more than just impressive!

For me climbing is also more than just following the level of difficulty (although that's part of it) but above all I find the peace and balance to the hectic everyday life. And when I am able to climb a brilliant line with beautiful movements I am just happy. The fact that I get to beautiful places is a fantastic bonus.

Last but not least, thanks also to Piere, who tirelessly and with a lot of love also contributed to this wonderful climbing garden, many thanks “förs Beachli” - keep going on boyz

Credits: morph-pictures

See you at the rock