Hi, my name is Bjoern

Bjoern Gosswiler

I have been a passionate Photographer for over 20 years, teaching myself with books, magazines, videos and practice, practice, practice - and I'm still learning .

My interest in action photography inspired me to take my camera with me more and more, whether on the bike or on ski tours, my camera became a faithful companion. Quickly I discovered landscape photography, which developed into a great passion.

Born in central Switzerland surrounded by green countryside full of natural beauty it was easy to find great subjects.

And soon my camera accompanied me on my travels around the world where I searched for and found great windsurfing locations.
In the last few years I have become infected with the climbing bug. This brings me to completely different places around the world, which are no less exciting and interesting than the places I've already visited.

In addition to taking pictures, I try my hand at blogging. Usually about one of my recent trips, or when I found something interesting on the web.

I hope you enjoy my gallery and please remember that it is a work in progress. I encourage you to send me some feedback either by clicking the contact button or via Facebook or Instagram.

Take care