Roadtrip Lake Garda

Just in time for the Swiss national holiday, we headed south again, more precisely to Lake Garda. Actually, we wanted to make a road trip with a journey over Davos-Ofenpass-Meran-Trentino-Lake Garda - but surprisingly there was almost no traffic jam at the Gotthard and so we decided to drive via Gotthard over Milan to Lake Garda.

Admittedly, we were a bit later than planned, but at midnight we could park our van in Al Pra and have a cold beer in the fresh air.

In the morning we started comfortably, Briosch and Cappuccino and then arrived the vento. Still a little tired from the journey and from working we were not so sure if we wanted to go on the water. Esthi stayed on the beach and I ventured out on the water. And it was quite good - good warm-up session before we moved towards the hotel Pier.


strong wind in the morning

At noon we moved into our room and then our special “non windsurfer” Alexandra arrived. She had decided to enjoy a few days with us to enjoy the fine food and perfect rocks for climbing.

The next day we had strong wind in the morning. Therefore we were “done” with windsurfing at 09:30 in the morning. After breakfast we went climbing. According to the climbing guide-book, the crag was oriented to the north-east, which would actually mean shade. Emphasis on would, somehow something had changed, because the area was south-west oriented and that at 30 degrees... Since we had a longer access, we still stayed there and climbed a few routes. The rock is of the best quality and it has some interesting lines. Therefore we will be back in Autumn.
In the evening we were in Deva for dinner, great view and very fine food. And so we repeated day after day - climbing, surfing, relaxing, reading and to sum up fine food - exactly what we prefer to do on holiday.


happy Alexandra

Alexandra had to go home after 4 days and Esthi and I had two more days to spend. Therefore we were another two days in the van and visited once again the Lago di Ledro. There we visited our favorite restaurant where we hadn’t been for 15 years. The food was fantastic.


it looks like Esthi has a lot of fun with climbing too

Suddenly a heavy thunderstorm started and the plan was clear, we had to move to Malcesine because the weather indicated that there would be strong wind the following morning.
As a result we slept in Malcesine on the legendary bus parking lot. Admittedly, we didn't sleep much, because there was a lot of noise...

Nevertheless, the wind was blowing quite strong during the night, and it was clear that there would be a lot of action in the morning. The first windsurfers were already on the water by 6.00. Then I was ready at 7.00 and tried it with 4.4m2 sail and 90 litre board. It would have worked, but I had bruised my rib the day before and I couldn't even jibe. After 20 minutes I was back on the beach and Esthi was released on the water.

At 10:00 the show was over and we went with Sina and Dani for a Cappuccino in Malcesine. In the afternoon we started our journey back home and we arrived home at 18:00, despite traffic jams.


having fun - the most important thing

Overall once again a very nice trip which we would like to repeat very soon .

Link to windsurfing pics
Link to climbing pics