Skiing & Touring

After Fred and I came back from our trip we got at least one dump per week. So we’ve been out once or twice a week (Fred even more).
Oh by the way before I forget, I was on a skitour with Joe and Kusi as well, here are some pics.

These two guys are staying in Kyrgyzstan at the moment, we are excited about what they’ve experienced there. Maybe they will write some words about their trip.

But let’s come back to the Alps, last Saturday a little dream came true for me. Fred and I ascended the Stanserhorn and skied down the north face – yea that sounds really good, ha ha ha.

Every winter when we pass the Stanserhorn to go to Engelberg we see this incredible line on the north face of the Stanserhorn. To ski this Mountain you need cold weather and of course enough snow, because the top is only 1848m and you can ski down to the valley which is about 500m over sea level.

So first we wanted to do a skitour in the Banalp area, but when we arrived at the Valley Station we decided to do something different, because the queue was so long that we had to wait an hour or even longer to get to the top of mountain. After a short discussion Fred thougt we could ascend the Stanserhorn. Oh yea buddy let’s do this, was my answer.

After a couple of hours we were sitting in front of a restaurant having a beer and dreamed about our next ski adventure.

Until next time!