Tenerife Climbing

Sometimes it is good not to torch and decide - and so we decided to make a short trip to Tenerife over Christmas New Year. Who thinks now that we went to El Medano for windsurfing is wrong - it was for climbing.

I quickly ordered two climbing guides, booked the flight tickets with Edelweiss and packed the backpack with a 70-meter rope and a few quickdraws - ok, I also carried the wetsuit with me - who knows, maybe there will be top windsurfing conditions - but so much in advance, it stayed in the bag.

Upon arrival, we picked up the rental car, started the navigation system and headed towards Granadilla where our apartment was located. Twenty minutes later we arrived at our nice little apartment.

We were welcomed by the whole family which was curious to see who would arrive. We made full use of our Spanish knowledge :-) - luckily Luis spoke very good English. After everybody understood that we were here for climbing we got the first hint, behind the house is a climbing garden. Ok, jumped into the short pants and off to the crag called Las Palomas. Phew, it was hot, 28 degrees... Luckily the climbing garden was in the shade since noon and there was a little bit of wind which made it perfect for climbing.

Las Palomas

First basalt contact

Ok, so this is basalt... it feels like granite but less friction, that can be cheerful.. after 3 routes we already felt much more familiar with the rock.
Back in the apartment, we had to hurry up to buy some food, water and beer, before all the shops were closed for the upcoming Bank Holiday.

The next day was cloudy. So we decided to visit the crag El Rio because most of the sectors have sunshine in the afternoon. After climbing several routes we were thrilled about the quality of the rock.

El Rio

El Rio - top crag

Next crag on the to-do list was Arico. Here is the origin of the climbing scene in Tenerife. If you forgot some climbing equipment at home or if you run out of magnesia you can buy some in the Roxtar climbing shop.

We climbed in the sector Arico Arriba. Arriba (up) sector the routes tend to be shorter, but if you walk up the ravine for a few minutes you will find longer routes. Arico Abajo (below) looks great. Steep & hard - next time something should be attacked there.

Arico Abajo

Arico Abajo - Steep and long routes awating you

In conversation with other climbers, Los Naranjos was recommended to us. And so the aim for the next day was clear again. We arrived at a small climbing crag directly at the water channel (be careful when pulling off the rope, it tends to fall into the water). There are some very nice long routes.
Unfortunately half of our vacation was over. To have a kind of a climbing break we visited the highest mountain in Spain, the Teide (3718m). It was a perfect sunny day. The landscape was impressive and somehow we decided to climb one or two routes in Canadas. The rock is quite different compared to the other crags - it is very grippy partly razor sharp. We liked the sector Rambo but the bolts distances are in alpine style - better you know what you are able to climb... But the scenery can't be topped.


Canadas - Teide

After the supposed break day we visited the climbing garden Fantasma. A beautiful ravine with endless cactuses. The only downside was the pigeons - there are as many of them as there are cactuses.


Fantastic Fantasma

Sadly, our holiday was coming to an end. We had one more day before we had to leave the island. I was given to choose the climbing garden for the next day and so we went to Planeta Zarza. Long routes were waiting for us - unfortunately a bit loud in the ravine - especially when the Spanish people are in heated discussions and all their dogs are barking. Otherwise another top crag.

On this day we were totally knocked out by 4 p.m. so we decided to check El Medano and Los Cristianos. In El Medano there were a few kites in the air, as well as a few foil-windsurfers on the water - nothing exciting and after 15 minutes we drove on to Los Cristianos to check the waves. I was surprised how big the waves were, as the forecast was only 20cm... Maybe next time I will bring the surfboard with me.

Las Americas

Surfing in Las Americas

Summary: We spent a perfect week on a beautiful island. We visited 7 different climbing crags and were not disappointed by anyone. There is still a lot the explore so the unavoidable question is when do we leave again?

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