Powderweekend with Fred

Oh by the way, the down under trip was awesome, scored some incredible waves and good vibes with all the guys down there. Here are some pics of the trip.

Anyway, back in town, I thought about to buy a "Central Switzerland snow pass", because of staying at home the whole winter could be a good idea.
But unfortunately, there was no snow when we came back from WA and the long term forecast looked like there is no snow in the pipe. So I decided to wait with buying this snow pass.

But then we got our first dump at the end of 2014. The snow base was really bad. 1200 meters above the sea we had no snow or just a little bit. But with this dump, we got a solid base.

After this dump we all thought - that's it, we are save for the winter... But after a few days, the "föhn" began to blow and the snow melted day by day.

Then a big dump was forecasted for the 17.01. They talked about 1m freshy on the south side of the Alps and also 40cm around where we live. I was in contact with Fred to talk about where we want to go.

Fred rides this nice couloir

Everybody was ready for this dump so we decided not to go to Engelberg or Andermatt because of the crowd. So then we thought about to go somewhere Southside were we expected about 50-80cm powder. And it was a good decision. Ok, we were not alone ;-) but it was ok and we found some nice lines.

Now we wait for the next dump. It looks like there something on the way for the end of the next week, cross the fingers.

Here are some pics