We celebrated the Swiss National Day with an extra long weekend at the Garda Lake where Esthi & I had a great time windsurfing with lots of wind and as usual delicious food.
During the next extended long weekend I decided to stay at home because Esthi had to work and I wanted to go climbing in Switzerland.

The weather forecast wasn’t too good, so on Saturday we went to the climbing-gym to warm up a little bit .
The weather on Sunday wasn't as sunny as expected, therefore I went for short mountain bike ride and chilled-out at home.


On Monday it was obvious that it would be sunny and dry, so we contemplated where to go. We considered Chlängge and Acherli.
After talking about the pros and cons we decided to go for Acherli.

I was quite excited because I hadn’t been to this craig yet. I had only heard that it is not convenient to belay because you have to stay on a rock ledge. Besides this, there are no easy routes so you have to climb at least a 6c level to have fun.
On Monday morning, I picked up the crowd (Lexi, Désirée and Fäbu). We arrived at the craig at around 09:45 am. The location was deserted and the rock looked amazing.


Désirée in s'Brüchli

Some information about the crag: The routes are very long (30-40m) so make sure you bring an 80m rope with you. We climbed only two routes because after 01:30 pm the sun's rays shone on the rock which warmed up to 26 degrees making it definitely too hot to continue climbing.

To sum up, for my premier visit I was very impressed by the quality of the rock and of course the endurance you need to climb such long routes. I am looking forward to a dry autumn with cool temperatures when we can attempt more routes.

We intend to return, that's for sure . Here are a few impressions from our climbing day.