End of the year review - 2020

What a year 2020! The year will not only be remembered for Covid-19 for Esthi & me, no, there was also a lot more going on in our lives! Esthi changed her job, I am in a business merger but the greatest or the best decision was our move from Emmenbrücke to Emmetten. Not that we didn't like living in Emmenbrücke, but here in Emmetten we are just closer to the mountains, the lake is just in front of us and we have a stunning view!


our new home

This year has been a busy one for us - the search for a new home, combined with the purchase and sale of apartments and subsequently move into our new flat, and as I said, the work changes.

Now, at the end of 2020 and doing the annual review, we are very pleased with how everything turned out for us, and we are looking forward to what is coming up in 2021. Accordingly, we hope for all people that we will soon get the Covid-19 virus under control, that all the struggling entrepreneurs and individuals will regain their footing as soon as possible and thus find their way back into some kind of everyday life.


Niederbauen - what a stunning view

Personally, the time has also been good for us to think about basic things in life - is everything correct as it goes, does it all make sense, or could and should we rethink one or the other thing? I believe that some of you feel the same way as I do.


Skitouring behind the house

Finally, I wish all of you a different, beautiful, healthy and enjoyable 2021.
We had a wonderful première here in Emmetten as well as summing-up 2020 with some great ski days right behind the house, here are a few pics.

and a fantastic sunset just right from our balcony, what a privilege

Sunset Buochserhorn-Pilatus

Buochserhorn and Pilatus with a wunderful sunset

Hopefully, we will see each other again physically in 2021, stay healthy and see you soon.

Take care