Climbingday Staldenfluh

It's been a while since I've written anything.

So let's talk about climbing,

since my buddy Fäbu is back from California, I'm focused on climbing. Actually, I’m really hooked on it, because you can do it without looking for the wind etc… If the weather is nice, just go for it. And especially in the fall, it is beautiful to be in the mountains.


For this Weekend, we had planned to go to Finale Ligure for climbing, but the weather forecast for the south was so bad that we decided to stay at home and planned to climb in Switzerland. So we did it and we had a perfect day .
This time, I took my camera with me, because I really wanted to start taking pictures from our climbing adventure.
It was not that difficult to take good pictures as I thought. Here my first try, and a big thank to Stef who captured me .

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