Through My Eyes - Episode 3 - El Niño

Well, everybody was complaining about el Nino, everybody? not really, those guys who live in Maui are happier than ever. Constant swell - I don't know how often Jaws was working, but what I saw was awesome.

But read and watch what Levi has to say:

I started this winter with a desire to feel like a kid again with my passions.
How can something still be fresh after decades of doing it?
I learned that if your in love with something give it your all or don't do it at all.
Here's my new segment from the scariest action packed winters I've ever seen.
I would like thank my parents for showing me this amazing sport. My sponsors for having my back through the ups and downs. And Jesus for letting me come up from the worst hold down of my life.
Shot and edited by Take Shelter Productions with Cody Carter.